Red Dirt Vortex® Tattooing

Red Dirt Vortex® Tattooing Explained

You’ve heard of the Red Dirt t-shirts… We are offering, exclusively, the world’s first and only “Red Dirt Vortex® Tattoos”. Carry the earth and the energy from atop any vortex in the area under your skin. We conceived, developed, and trademarked this idea and are looking forward to embedding a real part of Sedona under your skin. Become a real Sedonut!
We make our ink using a tiny amount of refined and sterilized earth from atop five different Vortices in the area. We created” Red Dirt Vortex® Ink” from the earth atop Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, Cow Pie and Boynton Canyon. If you visited any one of these spots while on your visit to Sedona, you can now carry the energy from that area with you as a permanent souvenir under your skin.
We have a few Native American petroglyph designs to choose from for $100 each, or we can simply add the ink to a design of your choice.
The ink is made and developed by the owner/operator of Physical Graffiti Body Art Studio under the most stringent and hygienic conditions to insure your safety.

Our Pricing

Our minimum charge for any procedure is $100.00. There are necessary steps we follow in order to set up for any procedure. This can be time consuming. The breakdown and clean-up of that procedure is also very important and time consuming. Materials are costly as well. This is how we substantiate the necessity for a shop minimum.
Our hourly rate is $150.00 per hour. The larger the piece, the cheaper the hourly rate.

Call: 928-284-1484 or 928-300-5567 to make an appointment.

Walk-ins are always welcome. Also, you can make an appointment via email. Send us your ideas, sketches or graphics to: to have your design drawn up ahead of time.