Artists' Profiles

Adrian's Profile

Demo We are artists first! Adrian has over thirty-five years' experience working in the field of graffic design and the fine arts. He not only paints but is a ceramicist, jeweler, sculptor, graphic designer and web designer. He was trained in Commercial Art throughout high school, and went on to earn a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and possesses a Master of Science in Design. Adrian has worked in the Body Art industry for over 15 years. Below you can see a few examples of Adrian's oil paintings.


David's Profile

DemoDavid Carroll has been a professional artist for more than thirty years.  He has worked as a freelance product sculptor for 15 years with, The Franklin Mint, Fisher-Price Toys, Lenox China, and many more. While at the Franklin Mint he was the senior sculptor on staff.  He paints portraits, figure studies and landscapes in oil, acrylic and watercolor.  The making and manufacture of jewelry is also among his many artistic talents. Below you can see a few examples of David’s masterpieces.  


Guest Artists

Occasionally we have various guest artists appear in the studio. We will keep you posted about times and dates. Hope to see you during your next visit to Sedona.